The light front of my eyes

I wandered through a world of hows. Life unfolded before my eyes; I lived, I touched, I felt, I heard. Yet, what was my relationship to this life? Did I command this life as I knew it, or did I live within its view?

I closed my eyes and whispered the life I’ve lived. My hands and soil danced together, sculpting the whispered life. Each murmur shaped a tale of tangled relations retold – relations of me to place, this thread to love, and new threads through time. From each, new threads were born and spread.
In the end, a path revealed itself as I passed. With each step, I found something – one truth no longer sealed, a door to life. The DNA of these threads and relations was not linear or discoverable, yet it was understandable.

Relations were made by the delicate rules of time and space. With each pinch of grasp, a light shone on me, a fleeting glimmer, so delightful. That glimmer created only a twilight to depict a misty path, leaving the rest to our imagination.

Shaping these relationships was the challenge of this collection. How should I construct with my hands what could not be sensed or pinpointed, with the same delicacy and necessity as it was? I looked at my lived experience. How had my relationships with the world formed? Built and lost, and built again. So, I built and lost many times again, but just as I was situated within life, relationships settled in my hands and took form.
“Light of My Eyes” took shape with no end, no start, just life, a blend, just as birth is not the start, and death is not its only end.

Seven Chakra (Coronation)

What doesn’t seem to exist, manifests or becomes a catalyst. How can this be? At the convergence of light and darkness, where highlights meet twilight, we perceive the presence of what seemingly does not exist, feeling its essence as though it were the mirror reflecting the entirety of the universe.
The boundaries of light and darkness intertwine and dance, with each twirl, the essence of existence flows through us, resonating deep within our bones.
Through this graceful choreography of existence, we gain insight into the realms and become unified with them, both corporeal and conscious. To merge with the universe, we align ourselves with the crown. Our crown serves as the conduit between our physical forms and the intangible, yet undeniable, existence. We yearn for its presence, for our consciousness hinges upon it. Understanding what unfolds and transpires within us is vital for action, akin to Atlas bearing the weight of the cosmos. The crown chakra symbolizes our consciousness, our tether to the world, and the realms of existence, both seen and unseen.
I’ve crafted the forthcoming collection in an endeavor to harmonize with the universe. From the pulse within my veins to the shaping of clay, my consciousness flows, birthing new forms of existence. This is my jubilant dance with the universe.

Harmony (Dutch Design Week 2024)

In the captivating realm of art and design, “Harmony” stands as a testament to the profound impact of community on the rhythm of life itself. This presentation delves into the fusion of mental and physical expressions through a stunning array of shapes and colors, all carefully curated and brought together.
In the intricate tapestry of existence, our communities play an undeniable role in shaping the symphony of our lives. “Harmony” is an artistic exploration of this concept, paying homage to the diverse voices, stories, and experiences that intertwine to create the vibrant rhythm of our shared existence.
“Harmony” encapsulates the essence of unity, coexistence, and interconnectedness. It serves as a visual and tactile reminder that, as individuals, we are each a unique note in the grand composition of our communities. Together, our diverse perspectives create a harmonious and ever-evolving melody.
Every design invites you to explore the intricate dance between mind and body. This collection has been meticulously crafted, offering a range of lamps and accessories that not only illuminate spaces but also deepen our understanding of the world. Each item is unique, as there exists only one copy of every creation in this collection.


I dreamt:
I was standing high on a two-way road, knowing which path I would take. Suddenly, I felt like a powerful judge, questioning myself about my reasons. I shared my story with him: my sweet early morning dream turned into a deep inquiry.
Who am I? How did I end up here? Who is this “me”? Why was I standing at this unfamiliar crossroads? It felt like a part of me was yearning to understand and recognize myself.
I described myself through the lens of the people in my life—those I’ve left behind, those I’ve crossed paths with, and those who remain vivid in my mind. I heard the echoes of my own descent, feeling someone’s arms opening to embrace me, and simultaneously, my arms reaching out to embrace them.
Each memory I tried to grasp seemed elusive and fragmented. There was no clear beginning, just a journey from one challenge to another, from one person to the next. I stood in a place where time seemed to stand still, amidst the complexity of eternity and immortality, navigating through confusion.
As myself, I had neither a beginning nor an end. If only I could turn back time, I would uncover the untold stories of creation, the realms of immortality and mortality. Life seemed to present endless possibilities, waiting for me to imbue them with meaning. Isn’t that what life is all about?
We are tethered to a past imposed upon us and a future shaped by our existence, all while standing on the ground of reality. Together, we’ve constructed a vast narrative to give purpose to our individual lives, within the intricate web of relationships we’ve forged, transcending conventional clichés.
We’ve woven this tapestry of life with our complexities and solitude. Together, we find definition, strength, and sometimes, we become legends. We pass away, only to be reborn in new forms, in new eras. I am all these people—the ones who walked alongside me until the end, and those who diverged onto separate paths.
Our existence is intrinsically linked to our relationships with others. They define us, shape us—perhaps more than we realize, even when we stand alone, reading these lines today.

Love Dance

Love Dance
When I dance I dance for me
Silent vibrations from within
Rhythm of the unseen
I dance for me
My steps follow their direction
My heart-beat echoes their sound
Some say I dance weird: they call me possessed
If I dance raw, if I dance pure
If I dance whirlwind, if I dance the spirits within
No matter what they say
I know I dance me
I dance for me

Pack family

Meet the Pack family, who are busy with their six-pack every day. They don’t care if they are thin or fat; having a six-pack is part of their daily routine. It doesn’t matter whether you’re fat or fit. It’s insane to think about what others will think or feel. What actually matters is YOU and your HAPPINESS!
Don’t give a damn to others’ thoughts. Everybody is beautiful.

Bloom collection

My ceramic art collection, featuring vases, plates, lighting, and statues, is a vibrant celebration of the bloom of trees in springtime. Each piece is infused with a multitude of colors, reflecting the lively and rejuvenating essence of this season.
Springtime has always been a profound source of inspiration for me. As trees burst into bloom, they transform the landscape with an explosion of colors—pinks, purples, yellows, and greens—that signal renewal and the beauty of nature’s cycle. This vivid palette is echoed in my ceramics, where I use a variety of glazes to capture the dynamic and ephemeral beauty of spring blossoms.
The forms and textures in my work are also inspired by the delicate petals and intricate branches of blooming trees. Through these elements, I aim to evoke a sense of growth, vitality, and the joyous renewal that comes with spring. My pieces are not just decorative objects but are intended to bring the freshness and hope of the spring season into any space they inhabit.

Plate bowl


Phallus collection

Especially for this collection, I was inspired by the fertility god of Greek mythology, Priapus. Drawing from this characteristic, I crafted a series of mood lamps that develop into an abstract form, with each lamp being a unique example.

The Power of Now

Delusion of Separation
Once upon a time, there was only the delusion of his presence, the sound of his footsteps, the pyramid of his breath, and the heaviness of his gaze. There was a vision within the water, a savior and a shipmaster. To lose him, first, you must attain him, but there was no one to achieve, as humans are born lonely. There was only one, and remained so in the end, yet the delusion of separation did not depart from him who does not exist.
Look at my hands, which have traversed through floods.
Look at my fists;
I’ve concluded wars on my feet.
Observe the lines of my hands;
They’re the patterns of life.
I have existed forever, and I will continue to exist forever.
Whatever I consciously plant in my heart
Will bloom in my hands.
It’s a moment when you depart for the mountain,
and merge with the mountain; a moment when you lie on the damp forest soil, and with each breath, your body becomes one with the forest, and each time, you become one with the universe, unique. In your veins, an eternal anecdote flows instead of blood, and you will see trees growing on the skin of your body. Have you returned to the world, or has the world returned to you? It doesn’t make any difference; the world creates you from within yourself.
I started from a bit in the moment,
I stayed in the memory of the moment,
I blossomed in the moment, and the bit joined
the past.
I bloom in the moment, and the sprout turns
into an anecdote.
In the moment, I turn into fruit, and the blossom
turns into soil.
I become whatever I must be.
Sunlight creates the moment of my body.
Presence Moment
Power, surpassing passion, in just a moment, would destroy everything that exists, creating a new world. Surpassing peace, it seems as if heaven has descended upon the earth. All the things promised to us. It seems that nothing exists on earth, that all things do not exist; all things and all people are unique existence. A moment that cannot be conveyed by words and pictures, a presence moment. Presence is Pure Consciousness, a consciousness that transcends the form of minds and worlds.
Liberation from conditioned minds and their structural delusions only occurs in a presence moment…
Statue of Pain
Every emotional pain you experience leaves remnants that linger and reside within us. Pain is not eradicated. It settles at the point of impact and spreads through the flesh of humans. The land traverses the soul, making sure of its presence. Somewhere in the midst of darkness, it settles, casting its shape. The figure transforms the darkness of its host into fear, anger, suppression, cure, and a statue of pain.

The Magic of Feather

All I needed to enter the magical land was the feathery quill and the helmet adorned with colorful feathers beside it. With the feathery quill, I wrote letters and fastened them to pigeons to inform others of what I knew and inquire about what I wished to learn. The helmet transformed me into a warrior knight with a noble quest to fight for, a precious asset to defend. This story began in my childhood, and upon reflection, the feather symbolizes message conveyance, just as it signifies bravery in flight for birds. My dream flight key lies within nature, imbued with form, color, and meaning. Now, everything is prepared; this is who I am, and I know what I want to express. I possess the courage to speak, the bravery to soar, and the determination to confront nature. Nature is both a bearer and a realm of vibrant colors and textures, where hues blend and diverge, giving rise to new shades. These colors are ever in motion, inspiring me to touch them and craft something new from their essence.

First Collection